Zarafa Unfolding

Poster Design for ZARAFA UNFOLDING Exhibition

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1001 Night

1001 Night was selected as one of the top 10 finalists in “IV International skylight prize illustration, SkyLight 2017

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Symphony of my life collection.

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The Sigh

“The Sigh” is a collection of artworks as a combination of printmaking and collage.

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I consider Maedeh Asgharpour a ‘visual poet’ whose work embodies both a strong, rich graphic acuity with the lyrical sensitivity that can only come from a nurturing but resilient heart guided by conviction to beauty, design and cause. The subtilties embedded in her work are magical, witty underpinnings that resonate with the intellect as well as the aesthetic humanistic side of our most basic collective conscience. The command of her craft is quite evident in the assuredness of her applied execution and the economy of design to narrative. Yes, a virtuoso poet of visually graphic expression- delightful, strategically directed, and driven by her personal, spirited vision!

Greg Metz – Associate Professor at University of Texas at Dallas